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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens makes a wonderful theme for family evening together. Below is a short film narrated by Vincent  Price. I remember this actor well from my childhood. I love his eerie voice!

Dickens’ classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and three Christmas Ghosts that change his perception of life.

My Audio School has an audio version of the popular story. Listen with your kids as you all cuddle under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree. If you prefer to read click below.

Continue your lifestyle of learning with your kids by visiting
David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Page wonderful page.

Go Make Merry Memories!

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Foghorns and School Bells

Todd Wilson of Familyman Ministries recently spoke to our local homeschool support group. It was bombastic! We laughed and cried and heard the gentle voice of God through Todd encouraging moms and dads alike.

The Lord spoke so clearly to Alf and I that we left with clanging and ringing in our ears. Let me explain. It was exactly what my husband and I have been discussing. Todd gave voice to our thoughts and painted a clear picture of where our homeschool family has been and needs to go.

According to Todd’s informal poll of homeschool moms across the nation, we ALL feel like we are not doing a good enough job. Yes, each and every mom out there feels like you do! Like I do! No matter what they look like on the outside and how their kids are excelling academically and otherwise we all wish we could do better to some degree. He believes we mom’s are in a fog because we have forgotten that our kids are all masterpieces, created by God and given specifically to us. We are hand selected by God to be our kid’s mom.

I have often been tempted and succumbed to comparing our homeschool to others. I think we all have done that at times. Our desire to give our kids the best can drive us but it can also drive our kids into the ground and we lose site of what’s most important, our relationships to our kids and the Lord purpose. I have raised my standard higher than the Lord’s at times and totally crashed our “school boat” by not heading the warning of the foghorn.

Wikipedia definition for Foghorn is:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other meanings see Foghorn (disambiguation).

A foghorn or fog signal or fog bell is a device that uses sound to warn vehicles of hazards or boats of the presence of other vehicles in foggy conditions. The term is most often used in relation to marine transport. When visual navigation aids such as lighthouses are obscured, foghorns provide an audible warning of rocks, shoals, headlands, or other dangers to shipping.

On our worst days when we are ready to throw the kids on the yellow bus or throw ourselves in front of it, God says We are our kids best!

to warn vehicles of hazards or boats of the presence of other vehicles in foggy conditions”

We don’t need to compare ourselves to the system that we fled from. The test scores, the extra curricular activities, the fellow homeschool friend’s kids that are reading at 3 years of age and all playing stringed instruments are not our standard or reason for homeschooling. This is a trap to distract us from seeing our kids as the unique masterpieces God mad them to be.

“When visual navigation aids such as lighthouses are obscured, foghorns provide an audible warning”

Why do you homeschool? I am doing it because God called me to. That’s my navigational aid. The Lord and his word and calling on my life as a homeschool mom. We want to have deep and abiding relationships with our kids and for them to grow strong in their faith above academics. I want them to want to be with us when they are older and out of the home. We want our kids to be the best of friends and not be separated from each other for hours on end. We wanted to teach enjoy every moment we had with them because time flies whether or not you are having fun!

Dad’s were encouraged to help us get out of the fog by actually making foghorn sound. When my hubby comes home from work and finds me in a puddle on the floor all he has to do is “blow” his foghorn and it reminds me of why I am doing this and I get up and press on!

Now here is the really fun part, ringing the true school bell. Real school happens when we get to teach our kids about the Lord, walk them through a difficult time, and when they say things that show us that they are growing in Christ and being obedient. When times are tough and the stress level is high and our kids suggest to us to play praise music or want to stop and pray, that’s when school’s in session. This is our purpose and upmost goal for our kids education. Math, reading and science are secondary.

I have had quite a few opportunities since hearing Todd speak to ring our school bell. My husband is overjoyed when I call him to tell him that I just rang our bell.

I want my kids to know that I love them no matter what! I want them to know that I will always love them and value them whether or not they ever learn to read, or learn algebra or get high SAT scores.

What bell do you hear? Are you in the fog and ignoring the warnings? Are you ringing YOUR school bell or listening to someone else’s ring?

To learn more about Todd Wilson and sign up for his encouraging devotionals visit Family Man Ministries.


"And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Romans 12:2

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Homeschool Parent’s Night Out with Todd Wilson of Familyman Ministries

I wanted to share with a an event that is being hosted by the PPEA-Pinellas Parent Educators Association. It is now open to non-members. Alf and I are going. It’s only $3! We’ve heard him speak at FPEA Convention. I blogged about it. You can read it by clicking HERE. He’s hilarious and real! He wrote the book LIES Homeschooling Moms Believe. It will make a fun date night. Feel free to pass it on.


Happy Schooling!


Todd Wilson
"The Familyman"


“Reminding Dads of What’s Important”


When was the last time you smiled or really laughed? clip_image004

You started this homeschooling thing because you thought it would be fun. But somewhere along the journey, the fun vanished, leaving behind frustration and feelings of failure.

The problem is not that you don’t work hard enough, but that you’ve forgotten what really matters.

Join us as Todd Wilson reminds us and helps us laugh again. This will be an incredible evening for both homeschooling dads and moms.

You’ll be glad you came. clip_image004[1]

View video interview with Todd and his wife.


Thursday, October 20th-7pm

Grace Brethren Church

6300 62nd AVE N

Pinellas Park

$3 per adult-no Child Care available-please reserve your own babysitter as due to space this is an adult only event. Nursing babies are welcome.

Sign up now as space is limited by visiting


*For any further information or questions contact the event coordinator. Her email link is on the sign up link.

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Organized Optimist: Family Mega Chart

I decided to post a series of how we are getting Organized as a family. Check out my Pinterest Board: Organized Optimist to see where I get my inspiration.

I designed this chart to have all we need to know and do in one central place for all the family to see. We have tried it for a month or so. After a few tweaks we will have a new and improved one with color I will send it to print and get laminated at Staples. I plan on using wet erase markers with it.


This chart is 16 x 20. It is a week at glance that includes a spot for our daily family schedule, chores, the zones of the house that get blessed each and a big box for the family scripture memory focus of the week. It has a column for everyone to write their to do’s or places to be. Service Opportunities are where the kids can see the above and beyond available for hire. Weekly chores get rotated on a weekly basis. More on how we do it all in other posts.

happy Homemaking!

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Our Homeschool Planners-Part 1

Our family celebrates the start of the new school year by having a special date with each child with just mom and dad. It’s usually a dessert date. A sweet start to the new school year! We talk to them about what they are interested in learning about, their struggles, their strength’s. After the date hubby and I take time to write out a letter of blessing to them.

Alexa 2011-12

We write them another letter at the end of the school year. I am trying to be diligent in sending actual pictures to print on a monthly basis to add to their personal yearbook at the end of the school year.I will include scans of sample of their artwork and special assignments. I have a thermal book binder so I may try using that for textural book. ‘We’ll keep you posted of our progress.

Alexa 2011-12 Blessing 

I wanted to make their portfolios more of a keepsake, a treasury of their favorite and things they are most proud of. We include pics and stats and they get to fill it out themselves. I enjoy digital scrapbooking and have used freebies from Shabby Princess.

Alexa 2011-12 Favorite Things

Setting Goals

 Alexa 2011-12 Goals

We set goals together with the child and then we pray for them.

Alexa 2011-12 journal page

They love having their own calendar to fill in.

Alexa 2011-12 Sept

Monthly Reading Log

Alexa 2011-12 reading log

Weekly Lesson Log

Alexa 2011-12 lesson log

During the Thanksgiving break they have a journal page to write in what they are thankful for and to help them think of ways they can keep Christ in Christmas.

Alexa 2011-12 thanksgiving-christmas break journal page

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See YOU at the Pole

See you at the Pole is a nationwide student led prayer rally done mostly in public schools the 4th Wednesday in September each year. My oldest son Mikael and a friend have been organizing this event for two years for homeschoolers in our city. This year Mikael took it on by himself. He did a great job. He  has chosen to hold the event in a central city in the county. He emailed people in our local support groups and contacted the city hall to inform them of the event and to invite their staff to join us.


We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the mayor of the mayor of the city is a Christian. He shared with the kids about his faith and encouraged them to be obedient to their parents, to work hard at their studies and thanked them for praying for him and his staff.




The sun is always blaring hot but the joy of watching our kids standing together praying for their families, local communities and national leaders makes it all worth it.





Immediately following the event we have fellowship and lunch at a park close by.


This was Mike’s final year facilitating the prayer rally since he graduates high school this year (sniff, sniff).  I was blown away by his devotional share. It was a rally cry for warriors for Jesus! In spite of wrenches that the enemy has tried to throw his way this year he has fought the good fight and emerged victorious in Christ Jesus. His focus is being set apart for his purpose for his life.

100_6517 100_6516


He encourages me and inspires me not only to be a better mom but a more holy one. One that surrenders her agenda for her kids and continually gives them over to God, for His glory.


Thanks to all the families that came out to pray and play!

I hope you and your family take advantage of this opportunity in the coming years. Visit See you at Pole for more information and to sign up for updates.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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Compartment Food Craze!


I thought I was going all out with my kids lunch when I bought these trays some time ago. Then I saw the muffin tin craze. I loved the idea! I was looking for a way to have better portion control especially for our snacks. and this has been a God send.

What is a Muffin Tin Meal?
Pretty simple here. It’s a meal served in a muffin tin. For
Muffin Tin Mondays we make them for our kids, but anyone can have a muffin tin meal! A muffin tin is also known as a muffin pan, cupcake tin or cupcan pan and for our purposes here, we also use silicone and paper baking cups, pans and tins.

But even that pales in comparison to the Bento. Simply put Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. S6300500

Now the fun or crazy fun comes from a character bento. This style of Bento is called kyaraben. The food is made to look like characters.

They are so stinkin’ cute!

Read, learn, and be amazed. Maybe you will even be inspired to try something new for your family’s lunch box.

Calvin & Hobbes a family favorite!


From Wikipedia

Bento can be very elaborately arranged in a style called kyaraben or "character bento". Kyaraben is typically decorated to look like popular Japanese cartoon (anime) characters, characters from comic books (manga), or video game characters. Another popular bento style is "oekakiben" or "picture bento", which is decorated to look like people, animals, buildings and monuments, or items such as flowers and plants. Contests are often held where bento arrangers compete for the most aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

I would not eat this! It’s just wrong to make THAT face into food! LOL!

From Wikipedia:

There are similar forms of boxed lunches in the Philippines (Baon), Korea (Dosirak), Taiwan (Biandang), and India (Tiffin). Also, Hawaiian culture has adopted localized versions of bento featuring local tastes after over a century of Japanese influence in the islands.

         A typical bento                                    Bento served at a restaurant in Japan

I wanted to try this at least once because it is too time consuming for this homeschool mom. As I searched the wonderful www. I found some doable Americanized versions of this fun food.

Check these sites:

Lunch In a Box

Lunches Fit For a Kid

Not Exactly Bento


Happy Little Bento

Ohayo Bento




Photo by Bentolicious

Happy Eating!

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Summer School = Fun!

I love History! Get a daily dose with

 This Day in History”.

This is a quick and easy way to keep

learning over the summer with your

kids. Let the kids pick an event that

is interesting to them and research

it. Share it with Dad at the dinner


God’s world News also has a nice

timeline style daily history.


Happy Summer Schooling!


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Flat Stanley Travels Back Home to Oregon


We had a lot of fun with Flat Stanley. He was visiting us from Oregon. Above you can see the souvenirs we included with Stanley on his trip back home. We made some copies of activity sheets about Florida, some postcards, a Christmas card some drawing the kids made, a little box made from an old Christmas card that we put a a seashell in, brochures, and a comic strip we happen to see a few weeks before about Flat Stanley. We can’t wait to get our Flat Stanley back home with us!


Check out our album below with pictures of the pages the kids filled in of their visit with Stanley.  To learn more about Flat Stanley’s Adventures and how you can participate click Here. We can’t wait to get our Flat Stanley back home with us!

Happy Schooling!



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The Hulcy’s Homeschool Heart

Dear fellow homeschool friends, 

We all have our favorite homeschool leaders, speakers and authors. My favorite has always been Jessica Hulcy. Even though I do not currently use Konos it adorns my school shelf as a treasured resource and occasional reference. I own her videos, am a member of her yahoo group and attend all of her seminars at convention. Her heart for the Lord is what drew me to her and how that love and passion for HIM is what drove her as a homeschool mom. She is a mom to me and to many others. I am hopeful she will recover completely. I want to remind you all to pray and check her Caring Bridge website that is updated daily, http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessicahulcy. I subscribed to a daily email. There you will be able to see the heart of God through this Texas homechool family. Below is a recent post by Wade Hulcy her husband. They are our biggest cheerleaders as we homeschool our kids in spite of their current circumstance. Waht a glorious example of God’s faithfulness and their trust in Him and what he has done through in their homeschool journey and still doing through them. You can see pics of the accedent and sign their guestbook. Mr Hulcy has even spoken to the firefighter that hit Jessica and given him such beautiful grace. You will be moved to read the account of the last 9 days of their lives. 



Jessica Hulcy’s Journal

Monday, May 25, 2009 9:31 PM, CDT

 One more tidbit!em to the convention there.  He also substituted for me and gave 6 workshops.  Oh how proud his mother would be of him!  But why am I surprised?  He is an excellent speaker in his own right.  He is a KONOS-Kid through and through!  He was buoyed with prayer like the wings of eagles, and he is a trooper. wonderful posts in the guestbook about him ministering to families in NC only put an exclamation point to the paragraph written for Jordan long ago by his mother.  Regarding our kids being able to pick up the mantel and move forward with it, I am reminded of another time when I handed him the mantel.  went to the first day of PE with him and physically handed that whistle over to Jordan in ceremony.  I told all 50 moms gathered under the tree there, “Not to quit just because the teacher had changed.  The entire essence of the homeschooling movement was at stake.  If we don’t allow the next generation to take the reigns from us, then we have failed miserably at what our goal was in the first place.” Not one quit and Rhett is now teaching the class which has continued for 9 solid years after my departure!!2 Tim 1:9 which says, “[God] who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity.’  God has work for each of our children.  We need to make sure they are prepared to go through whatever door the Father calls them to for their life’s work.ing to our beloved friend, Phyllis Phipps, “We don’t have to be PERFECT, but we must be OBEDIENT.


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