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Wading Through the Curriculum Jungle 

Choosing curriculum can seem like a daunting task but with preperation and the help of other homeschoolers you can make some confident choices for your homeschool. Do your research early. don’t wait until the new school year is upon you. Make sure to choose resources that work toward your child’s strength’s and help him manage his weakness’.

Below is a list of websites that may help you to learn more about specific curriculums. All are reviewed by parents like you! Another great source for insight into a specific curriculum is using Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/). To search for groups that are using a particular curriculum. For example: Apologia Science, Sonlight, Konos, all these are groups that I belong to. One of the great things about these groups is that you can ask questions before you buy and once you do a lot of these groups have files uploaded that will assist you in using the curriculum like lesson plans and notebook pages that you can download and use with your kids.

Another fantastic option is reading homeschool catalogs. Read online or order a copy sent to your home. I highlight the items I am intersted in and then go online, check reviews and do some price comparison shopping. Then I take a finalized list to the FPEA Convention and any local homeschool suppport group used curriculum sales. These usually go on in the spring. 

What a blessing to be able to tailor your children’s education to their learning styles, your teaching style and your family’s lifestyle. I guess that means homeschoolers have style!

Happy Schooling!



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