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Disney 411

My husband and I love Disney and are blessed to be able to share it with our kids. We had seasonal passes that were given to us by my parents as their retirement gift to us in 2007. We took a year off and we now have renewed them again. 

If you plan to visit Disney, this page will help you find resources and lots of ways to enjoy the parks and save money while having fun. Since we are a homeschool family alot of what we have to share showa how to make your visit the World educational.

I have been busy homeschooling so I have not updated my blog since for a year but, I hope to start again soon. We’ve had a lot of fun at Disney since my last post in December 2009. Meanwhile you can subscribe to this blog and you will be updated when I add a new post.

I love homeschooling in Florida! Have a Magical Homeschool Day!


The G-Force with their allies the Incredibles

Disney Hollywood Studios 2008

Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios 2010

“Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest natural resource —
the minds of our children.” Walt Disney

Here are some resources where you can find homeschool friendly materials for your trip to Disney:

Disney Music

In between visits or while planning a trip listening to Disney movie soundtraks and theme park music gets the pixie dust flowing!

http://www.playlist.com/playlist/17881221131 My Disney Playlist

Disney 411


Vacation houses and condos. Click on the map until you get to the kissimmee,

Davenport area. You can get a 4 or five bedroom house for about $100. It’s

Awesome. The house are beautiful, you can spread out and make noise, make

Your own meals, and swim in your own private pool.


This is the one I told you has the menus for restaurant throughout the world

Plus anything and everything you would want to know.


I love this one too! Check out the free and cheap stuff to do and sign up to

Receive their newsletter. They always have great money saving lodging deals.


Largest unofficial guide to the magic. Check out the food and wine info. You

Can see menu’s from last year.


Love this site! Everything from news, to “this day in history”, forums,

Weather forecast, event onfo, etc. Lots of info!


Informative website with great guides. They have a nice Treasure Hunt book that we own (see Disney Books below)

Disney Schooling

Disney Homeschool Days

Disney Y.E.S. Programs (Youth Education Series): Can be attended during Homeschool Days or on other dates


This a great homeschool Disney website.


Awesome books and guide for kids


Disney homeschool field trip. Great for non Floridians


Incredible books for homeschool families and anyone that wants to make their Disney trip educational. Lots of information and fun activities. The newest one is on Animal Kingdom.

some nice pages to journal and prep for trip

notebook pages for each country


(click on country pages under “what’s new”)

Disney Graphics

Embellish your scrapbooks, emails, blogs with these fun Disney fan graphics.

I use graphics to embellish my emails and school pages.


Lots of cute graphics to use on your forums, blogs, and email.


More graphics, coloring, etc. 

Disney Photography

Sometimes int he craziness to pack we forget a camera, batteries, SD cards,

Etc. These sites and tip will help you make up for these mishaps and help

You make the most of perserving the magical memories.


Gorgeous pictures of the park you can use to embellish your scrapbooks and



FREE photos.

Disney Family Fun

The title says it all! FUN! See the books we love that add to our family fun at the “World”


Appreciation cards for cast members. These are great to hand out to cast

Members. I love talking to cast members they are always fun and helpful.

Disney Cast Members work hard to make your visit magical show them you

Appreciate it by printing these up. Don’t forget the cleaning crew and food

Service people!


All about the entertainment options around the world with dates and times.

Agreat resource to plan your visit ahead of time.


This site is more about the Gaylord but they also have lots of info you can

Incorporate into your visit to the Orlando area to celebrate Christmas


Searching for Hidden Mickeys adds to our family fun. When you are in line

For an attraction you can read up on where to find these. Take pictures and

Save them or just award the person that finds the most with a special treta

Like a new pin or ice cream treat.


Disney Books

  Vacation Education destination Epcot

Vacation Education Books



Kingdom Keepers Series


 Imagineering Field Guide - DHS  

For more Disney Must Have books visit The G-Force Academy Shoppe


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