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Zachary’s Disney Birthday Celebration


Buzz Light-year shirt-check! Birthday Pin-check! Birthday hat-check!

Let the celebration begin!

Hey, Where’s Perry?!


Dad decided to start a new family tradition for Disney Birthday Celebrations. Disney cast members and guests love to wish guests Happy Birthday. He thought he would issue the challenge to count how many greetings he got and if he received 25 by the time we left he would get a special gift of his choosing. the dollar amount would equal the number of greetings he received. Wearing a pin birthday pin but a huge birthday cake hat should do the trick! Clearly my hubby wants them to win when he bought that hat. Can you guess what he chose as a prize?

We all had an amazing time at Hollywood Studios.. We rode some of our favorites Star Tours, Rockin’ Roller Coaster by G-force Records (yes, by us, just kidding!) and Tower or Terror.

One of our favorite things to do at Disney is play with the characters especially Citizens of Hollywood. Zack got to participate twice in their street skits. He played a bush in the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. Check out the video

We had our partial packed lunch at the Backstage Lot. We were all treated to FREE DESSERT! We were surprised to find out that a blue tray was magical and got you free dessert. How blessed we are!



The magical dessert tray.

100_6254-1  100_6256-1

Boy he is a birthday ham for sure!


As if he didn’t feel special enough he went with his dad to get ice water and they gave him FREE chocolate cake in honor of his birthday!


   I’d say he was one happy go lucky, tired as all get out, blessed kid!


There you are Perry!


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