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Our Homeschool Planners-Part 1

Our family celebrates the start of the new school year by having a special date with each child with just mom and dad. It’s usually a dessert date. A sweet start to the new school year! We talk to them about what they are interested in learning about, their struggles, their strength’s. After the date hubby and I take time to write out a letter of blessing to them.

Alexa 2011-12

We write them another letter at the end of the school year. I am trying to be diligent in sending actual pictures to print on a monthly basis to add to their personal yearbook at the end of the school year.I will include scans of sample of their artwork and special assignments. I have a thermal book binder so I may try using that for textural book. ‘We’ll keep you posted of our progress.

Alexa 2011-12 Blessing 

I wanted to make their portfolios more of a keepsake, a treasury of their favorite and things they are most proud of. We include pics and stats and they get to fill it out themselves. I enjoy digital scrapbooking and have used freebies from Shabby Princess.

Alexa 2011-12 Favorite Things

Setting Goals

 Alexa 2011-12 Goals

We set goals together with the child and then we pray for them.

Alexa 2011-12 journal page

They love having their own calendar to fill in.

Alexa 2011-12 Sept

Monthly Reading Log

Alexa 2011-12 reading log

Weekly Lesson Log

Alexa 2011-12 lesson log

During the Thanksgiving break they have a journal page to write in what they are thankful for and to help them think of ways they can keep Christ in Christmas.

Alexa 2011-12 thanksgiving-christmas break journal page


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