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Let me first start by saying that this picture is heresy. The bible clearly states that no man shall know the time or hour of Christ’s return. But, with that said, It could have been May 21 or the 23rd or Sept 5th. How are you living?Are you living as if you are expecting your Lord, Savior and King to return?

I look at my kids sometimes and ask Alf when did all these people happen? Were we not walking the halls of our high school holding hands just yesterday?


Mike and Mom. Go Class of 2012!

My oldest will be graduating high school next year. That is a sobering thought. It has set us on a journey to really evaluate how we have spent our time. Have we done enough to form lifelong family bonds? Do they know, love and trust the Lord? Will our kids be able to stand firm in the faith they profess? Is their foundation well built and strong?

Linda Werner of Legacy Principles spoke at my local homeschool support group’s January meeting and posed the question “If it were true that the Lord were coming on May 21 (or this new heretic’s date October 21, 2011), what are you doing right now to be ready? What would the eve of the 21st be like? Will you call your family and tell them how much you love them? Forgive those that you have been resenting? What will matter most in the end?

Are we running from activity to activity? Good ones at that, but missing the boat on leaving a legacy of faith and love to our children’s children’s children?

Live today as if you only had 5 months left. Prioritize and evaluate the busyness that robs you of knitting  your hearts as a family.


We have always had a desire to be intentional about our legacy but not been consistent with it. I hope that you will be inspired to savor the Treasured Times with your family as we share ours with you.


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