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Krispy Kreme Donuts are the family favorites. When we lived in Miami it was just a few blocks away from our house. Whenever their neon sign “Hot & Now” was flashing you can count on the line going out the door and the drive thru line backing up street traffic. There is a location about 30 minutes from us. While on one of our Disney trips we spotted the flashing neon beacon to yummy family fun. What a thrill to watch the tasty clouds of yum pass by on the conveyor belt. Give it to us HOT & NOW!

Here’s how to make them at home Quick and Easy, Hot & Now!

Tasty Clouds of Yum!

  • 1 can of refrigerated biscuits
  • Canola or vegetable oil
  • Powered Sugar
  • 2-4 Tb of water

Heat an inch or two of oil in a frying pan. Use a bottle cap or apple corer to make the center donut hole in each biscuit. Save these little balls. They will become your donut holes.


Mix 1/2 cup of powered sugar with a couple of tablespoons at a time of water. Continue to add water until you achieve a glaze consistency.


Fry up the donuts. it only takes about 30 seconds per side.


Dip them in the glaze.






March 17, 2011 - Posted by | Disney Fun, Family Fun, G-Force 411, In The Kitchen, Once Upon A Family

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