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Princesa turns 10!


We had a JOYous celebration at Disney for our Princess Alexa Joy! She is the most precious little girl. Full of energetic chatter and creativity from sun up to sun down! She truly lives up to her name by bringing incredible JOY to our lives everyday!

We love you baby girl!


Daddy took us to Golden Corral for a special birthday breakfast. Where else can you get ice cream and gummie bears for breakfast?!



Feeling like Monsters!                 


time for some Rockin’ Roller Coaster



One of our favorite things to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is watch and play along with the Hollywood Blvd. Citizens. I got to participate with the goofy guys. They are with the Public Works Dept. and are always having trouble with their union.


Another favorite, fun a affordable thing to do is try on hats!!! Can’t be the price!

Photo0102 Photo0101


Happy Birthday Princess!

100_4656 100_4658

My goofy girl just wanted a diet cola for her birthday (I never let her drink mine). Her dad did buy her a new handheld game thingy though.

We are planning a special belated party for her soon. Ssshhh!


January 2011


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