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Jump In the water’s fine!

Funny that I am thinking of the beach and summer while wearing a sweater. I am looking forward to three months from now. I guess because I have been planning lessons and setting personal goals I need to envision where I’m going to end up. I always say “If you don’t know where you are going, you are sure to get there!” 

Even though it can feel overwhelming at times to plan out lessons for a wide span of ages, it still energizes me to dream about the future outcome of all those finlled in notebooks and binders and pictures of porjects and field trips. As long as I remember to be in His word and rely on His strength and not my own. This graphic reminds me of being filled with His word and now it’s pouring out in bucket loads, splashing even those who want to stay dry as a desert. I want to sprinkle joy all over my family but when I am not consistent in the word it’s more like a fire hose of smelly water being blasted on my family


I got a word picture today about the beach and how when you are close to the water (living water, Jesus and his word) you get refreshed and your thirst is quenched. When you dive in you are in moving waters.  You are mobile, being used, not stagnant. Once out of the water you are soaked. You can hug people, shake their hands and sprinkle on others and they get wet too. God ‘s word is contagious.

But, eventually you dry out. You need to jump back in and be immersed in Him! Leaving all sin and baggage to be buried in the depths of the sea. The sand that is farthest from the shore is always dry and easily blown away. We also don’t want to just dip our toes in. I love the feeling weightlessness when you are in water. GEntly floating onto my back and letting the Sonshine  warm me. It’s just like the peace that washed over you when you are in the word. We need to jump in and let Him take us where He chooses. I’m looking forward to ponder this on the beach this summer.

Loving God and His creation that cries out His name in worship.


January 7, 2011 - Posted by | On My Heart

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