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December 2010 105

We will be skipping this semester at SPC. I didn’t have peace about it. We waited to long to register and there was only one class we needed available at GIBBS campus, which is the closest one to us. I have been wanting to spend more time doing one on one school with the kids and other extra curricular activities. Most classes that we need are in Seminole campus 30 minutes away. All the driving back and forth to drop off and pick up hubby at work plus this and other classes the kids take is not appealing.

I prayed with Mike this morning (what a precious time that was) and shared what our vision was for Alf and I for our family.  It is less about academics and more about family time together, building godly character, establishing healthy lifelong relationships, and to foster a love of learning. We don’t want to just accumulate credits just to have them . It sounds to much like the rat race most adults live in. We asked the Lord to make it clear. We left it in God’s hands and went about our day.

Mike wanted to skip this semester. I’m learning to let him make more of his own choices (within reason). I was willing to run myself ragged to give him more. He agreed with our vision and wanted to learn more things here at home and continue his video projects which is his passion. He kept calling to find out if he would be dropped by the dual enrollment program if he skipped a semester but only got voicemail. We started putting together a list of classes that he could take online or at Seminole campus.

November 2010 005

My stress was growing at the thought of all the driving back and forth between dance, drama, photography, errands, video, Alf’s job, church, etc. Being a one car family is tough.

So, I quietly said in my heart “Lord, we are stuck, help I want to move on with my to do list. Please work it out for us!”

I tried calling this time and not only were we calling the wrong office all morning we were told that there is no penalty for skipping a semester except that it counts toward the 9 semesters they allow for dual enrollment. Also, if we decide to do an online class we can drop it within a certain time period if it doesn’t work for us.

The cool part is that I was instant messaging Alfonso about it asking his opinion and he was ok with Mike skipping a semester. I felt relieved. As I typed my instant message, I asked Mike how he felt about the answer and he said, “relieved”. We both felt the same way! I’d say that is confirmation. God is good!

Just like the last minute decision to change the Christmas party due to weather. My friend Dawn, asked me how would I feel afterwards if I moved I it to the next day. I felt horrible that it was  last minute. But, again my answer  was “relieved”.

For some reason it is very hard for me to make decisions. It could be my desire to please everyone and make it work for everyone. That is a sinful and arrogant thought. I couldn’t do that even if I tried. There is only one God and He doesn’t expect me to strive to be more or do more than my best. In order to do my best I must be at my best.

My husband and kids deserve to have a joyful, wife and mom. One of my goals is to represent Christ well to my family. I belong to Him. I am the daughter of the King of Kings. I need not fret about such matters as dual enrollments and mileage. He takes care of my every need and I do not need to wait for an audience with Him. He always has time for His precious princess.

These are verses that I’ve been reminded of today:


“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt. 11:30

The Greek translation of burden is “load, cargo” and for the word light it’s easy to “bear” I must learn to not feel as though I must run myself into the ground in order to please my Lord. He is a gentle master and homeschooling my kids should bring me joy not stress. (note to self: I know that all days are not going to be like peaches and cream. I‘m not delusional!)

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,

and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6: 33

My part is simply to seek Him. It requires action on my part!


Trust in the LORD with all your heart

         And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,        

        And He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

The word Trust in this verse means to be confident, sure, bold. The word Heart is referring to the “inner man, the mind, will, and feelings” That is a lot to give in trust to the LORD. But notice that it is in caps referring to God as Jehovah, which means the self-existent God, the Eternal one. Since he’s eternal and doesn’t need me nor anything or anyone else to sustain Himself, I think He is more than capable of guiding me down all the paths He has laid out for me. Don’t you think?

To Acknowledge Him is to KNOW Him! Get to know Him! Read His love letter to YOU!


Dear Father,

Please help me to come to you quickly when I am in need of direction. LORD, help me to put you first every day. Thank you for providing a way for me to be a stay at homeshool mom. Help me to live worthy of this high calling to raise these children up for you glory. Grant me the boldness needed to make decision in faith and not cower in fear and help me parent and homeschool in grace and not just be busy with a day filled with things that have no eternal value. Bless our little homeschool Lordl.


Praising the Lord and feeling light as a feather!


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