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To Blog or not to Blog?

November 2010 002

I stopped blogging Christmas 2009 because I wanted to enjoy doing more with my family instead of just writing about it. Well, I never got back to it. I miss it. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and learning new things like sewing. Having a high school junior and my dad’s passing made it hard to get back into it. I also wanted to be more intentional about the way I spent my time. Blogging can be time consuming for me.

Another reason I believe my blogging stopped is Facebook. Facebook made it easy to post what was on my mind, share links, videos, and post pictures. However, after a day has gone by the record of it all was gone forever. I love looking at my old blog posts it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face as I remember moments past.

With all this said, I am prayerfully considering if blogging will fit into my lifestyle again. I just discovered Windows Live Writer (which I’m using now) and I am hoping that it will make it easier and fasterto blog with this editor.

So my thoughts are:

  • it’s time consuming!
  • its a colorful and interactive record of family memories
  • it’s a great creative outlet for me
  • a way to share information and encourage others
  • a distraction from my responsibilities (which Facebook can also be)
  • keeps me from actually doing things and just writing about my great ideas
  • it’s fun!
  • I can have the kids share too
  • our family and friends can follow what we are up to (if I am consistent, facebook makes this easier)

Bottom Line: Does the Lord want me to blog? What will my honey say?


December 31, 2010 - Posted by | On My Heart

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