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I am blessed. I have a loving husband and thoughtful children that have encouraged me and helped me get through these past months since Papi went home with the Lord. I have friends that have shown me incredible love and support. They have been Jesus with skin on.

I have not sent out thank you notes yet. Everything is so emotional lately. I’m sure that is a task that will fill me with peace but take a lot of me. so I avoid it. But, I must share with how they have comforted me.

I have had many thoughts of what I want to say to those who became Jesus with skin on for me:

 I received countless calls and encouragement from Fanett G., my dear mother in law, Tammy K., Ruthie R., Korey P., Bellekys K., Dafnee C., Cathy R., Laura R. and there are many more. I just want everyone to know how grateful I am. I hope I haven’t overlooked someone.

 April A., my sweet neighbor took me out for yard sale shopping and Panera! I love it that my girlfriends give me space when I need it and whisk me away and fill my cup a day out

 Caroline W. and Cindy D. thank for the precious cards.

 Miriam and her husband visited us at home and gave us a generous monetary gift. Thanks you for being with us on both days. I have taken to heart all your wise and kind words.

 Elaine, thanks for being with us all week and for watching over my mom.

 Thank you Tio Ernesto for the beautiful flowers. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I wish you could’ve been there to hear Papi’s friends from cuba speak so well of your brother.

 Pepe G and Roberto T., your presence there and your loving and honoring words and even tears for my father I will treasure always.

 PPEA, thank you for the gift.

Noah, My girlfriend’s son, bought me not one but two bouquets of flowers and a homemade card. He is such a cutie and intuitive boy. Dawn G. His mom, sent me an email filled with bible verses just at the right time. She has a knack for knowing when I need to be rescued. Just a couple of weeks ago she called me for a “girls day out” and her invite began with “I’m not taking no for answer!” I love the way she loves so faithfully and passionately. Thank you my dear friends, I love you!

My friend Mary A. has spoken life giving words to me at least once a week. She has kept her promise to not forget where I’m at. I just saw what she posted on her blog. She was out of town at a retreat when my world came down on me.

“This year was bittersweet as my precious friend Monica’s daddy went home to be with Jesus while I was gone. Scotty called me and I was able to talk with her, but I was so sad that I wasn’t local to hug her. (((Monica))) There is a picture below of my chair on the dock. That was where I went to pray for her and sat crying as I felt her pain. Thinking of her even tonight as I post this entry.”

She has faithfully prayed for me. She prayed for me from this spot on the lake and in this chair pictured below. What intimacy to have a friend talk about you with Almighty God.

Without my “Miami Crew”, Mari, Dafnee, Ines, Millie, Theresa, and Bellekys, I would’ve been lost. The years we’ve invested in each other are priceless. Thank you all for being there for

My precious Mari M. gently pointed me to spend time with my dad last year when he was in the hospital. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends from highschool. Thanks to facebook we have reconnected. She jumped in her car when she heard me cry as I left my dad in Miami last October and met me in a Sedano’s parking lot. Because of her I spent the last year of Papi’s life talking to him every week. I took lots of pictures over our last holidays together. I will post those soon.

(left to right: Tree, Millie, Me, Mari, Ines, Dafnee had already left and Bellekys was back home)

Millie P., my faithful sister. She came the day after and took me to return my rental car, to make the funeral arrangements and to eat. I did not have to explain or talk to her about my thoughts or feelings. Her two year old princess went home with Jesus a few years ago and I walked alongside her through that season. How precious are the moments of fun and laughter I’ve shared with my friends but I cherish even more the times or grief, sorrow, and trouble. In htat regard I am blessed to have had a few close friends that words are not necessary. She too had our family over for a meal and the kdis enjoyed playing.

Ines H., my sweet and considerate Nessie! She loved me in a very wise and practical way. We could not afford any special flower arrangements. She insisted on providing that for us. She knew that it would’ve made me sad not to have them there. I didn’t htink it mattered until I got to the funeral home and saw them there. She showed me such love and honored my father with those flowers. I will never forget how her tears just fell drop after drop on my arms as I knelt at my father casket holding his hands. She felt my sorrow and she has blessed me beyond measure. I have preserved some of those flowers. Those were the biggest and most beautiful roses I had ever seen. The blooms were the size of my fist. My pictures don’t do them justice. Thank you for such a precious gift. “Te quiero y me quedo en chors”

And finally, Theresa B., my dearest and oldest friend, not only spoke to me in a way only she could to get my overwhlemed butt down to Miami just two hours before my father passed away. He seemed to be waiting for me. I was the last person he saw, he held my hand tightly and nodded as I spoke to him the last words I would ever speak to him. My precious Tree was constantly calling me, when funeral arrangements got to be too much she had us over for ba-b-que. Her home has always been a retreat, a place of rest and safety in a storm for our family. I call it the resort. She not only fed us at her house but blessed us with a meal to feed all our family after the funeral. We are foodies so she was speaking my language! I could not have gotten through the viewing, and interment without her. I love you crazy woman!



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