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This article was written in 2001, 8 years ago. At that time I had a newborn baby girl and had my oldest in first grade in public in Miami, Fl. I had taught him to read and we had lots of fun but I believed the lies and succombed to the family pressure that I could homschool and had too much on plate already. I enrolled him in the second semester of Kindergarten and he only did the first semester of 1st grade. His teacher were lovely but the herd of cattle, oops I meant children walking in line form one classroom to another and then to lunch in a cafeteria made me sad. I missed him. His brothers missed him. I was in the car for 30-45 minutes each way morning and afternoon to take him to a good school not the one in our neighborhood. I wa not a happy mommy and wasn’t able to give the best to my kids , home and husband. but what put the icing on the cake for me was an incident of bullying and HOMEWORK. What were they doing all day? When do we get to just relax and play and be a family? There were evenings when it was 10 PM and we were still working on homework! He was tired and cranky and this made it take longer. ENOUGH! I’m taking my boy back and that was that! 

The amount of time it took us to drive there and back is the time that it took us to do our school work at home. the younger ones had te benefit of never stepping in a classroom. We love to be together. It has made my kids best friends. We talk around the dinner table. We volunteer together. WE encounter many people from the grocery store to piano lessons and baseball to the museum docent. They behave appropriately and  learn while having fun as a family. They are growing into mature and responsible adults. They do not live by a peer driven standard.  They are normal people that have to deal with peer pressure too.  The difference is that we deal with issues as a family and they are not esposed to things before they have a strong foundation in our christian belief system. It is our responsability not the gov’t or teachers to teach my child.

We make many sacrifices to do this. We don’t go to movies much (as if anything out there were that good anyway). We don’t eat out often (no thanks we rather eat good for you food anyway). We have only one older van (helps with gas prices and currently were graciouslu given a second car, God provides!). We don’t have cable (don’t miss that junk box either). We don’t travel (for now). We don’t ever feel alone. We like each other. And my husband and I will never say on our death bed, “I wish I had spent more time with my family” What a blessing and priveledge to be an important part of these four kids lives. I love being their mom, teacher and friend.
I can see all the benefits to homeschooling in this article but they don’t. They seem to be arguing within themselves trying to deny the clear evidence and benefit to society for the children that coming out of homeschooling and into theirt communities. Why? Because, they have a different worldview on family and gov’t.
Our homeschooled children enjoy their childhood, and aren’t little adults! They are polite, articulate children and young adults. Is having a childhood sitting in a classroom for 8 hours (some eat breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria too) plus the time of transportation to and from the institutional learning facility a childhood. How about those how also stay in aftercare? That is not having a childhood.  
It has been discussed a lot lately about the gov’t getting too involved in our freedoms to homeschool. This article confirms it. This time article offers lots of flattery to homeschoolers, riddled with sarcasm to get us to sacrifice our God-given rights and responsibilty. For me it has meant continue strong and stay away from any of their generous offers.
I have a lot more to say but this is what comes to mind right now
What are your thoughts?
Find this article at:
  • http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1000631,00.html
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