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Pho Time!


 I love you shiloh! 

What an amazing evening we spent with our friend’s the Wilda’s. They have three of the sweetest kids around. I think I carried the baby all night. Oh, how she ministered to my soul with her sweet and easy going spirit. What a happy baby girl! She fell asleep in my arms (I still got the the touch). Today was also her first time ever in a pool.  Alf and I got our baby fix, big time! 

While the kids and dads played in the pool the moms started to making Pho. Pho is a traditional soup from Laos. Making and eating pho is quite an experience. It has a light but flavorful and aromatic broth that is  laced with lemongrass and ginger. You can customize the flavors any way you choose.  learning about the Hmong people and how to eat Pho

We began by getting a bowl of thick rice noodles. On top of the noodles, you add your herbs and spices. The table was filled with fresh basil, mint, scallions, cilantro, jalapenos, lime wedges, grilled chicken breast, many sauces like  hoison sauce. But, the coolest thing was raw thinly sliced steak. Yep, you read correctly RAW. The kids and I were tripping out! Once we had all of our bowls piled high with the fixins’ then came the hot steamy broth. The steak quickly cooked before our eyes. I thought the kids would freak at all the greens but they enjoyed it. Jet, the dad, taught us interesting things about the Hmong culture.

 Let's Eat!  Yummo!

One thing is for sure they stuff their guests. We had amazing peanut butter/chocolate brownies made by their oldest son, Elijah. He has the cooking gene. As if that wasn’t enough we had tons of  watermelon, pineapple, and mago all from the farmer’s market at our local weekly flea market. We will be cooking latin food for them in a couple of weeks and then we will be back at thiers for homemade egg rolls. Woohoo! I feel a unit study coming on!


 fruity cuties  cuties 

                                                                  Sister Chickies       

The kids played in the pool and lots of games together and the parents battled each other at Sequence. They were generous hosts in leading us to believe we won by their grace but we kicked butt! What a sweet family fun time. 


Thanks Wilda’s! We love you!


May 30, 2009 - Posted by | Once Upon A Family

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