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Chirstmas, Science, & Work?

What does Christmas, science, & work have in common? This year it was our office decorating theme at America II Electronics.
Every year where I work every department picks a theme and decorates for Christmas. A local children’s program comes and enjoys a company sponsored party and we try to make our themes enjoyable for the kids. Our families get to come a couple of days after and enjoy the fruit of our labor also.
It is very competitive, every office tries to out do everyone else and the company awards the top 3 offices. First place get to go have dinner at a restaurant, second & third get lunch brought in for the entire office.
All that said this year I suggested we do a science theme for our office. I got the idea on one of our visits to MOSI. I researched easy experiments we could do with household items and what they teach. Before I tried them at the office I needed to experiment at home and make sure they worked. So my kids got to learn science with dad, not to mention dad learned a thing or two himself. It was great fun and all the kids loved it because I made sure to get plenty of supplies to allow for the kids to do it themselves, at home and at work.
Well, it was a hit, we placed third for the first time. We came in after a theatrical performance of Madagascar saves Christmas (1st), & another office that set up Rock Band on a projection unit with a stage and real band style speakers and equipment (2nd).
We all had a blast, and I know even if we forget how all that stuff works we we always remember having fun making stuff explode and soda cans implode….cool.

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December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Once Upon A Family

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