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Christmas Cards Galore!

I haven’t sent my Christmas cards out yet inspite of participating in two Christmas card parties. For me it’s not about the cards, I just love spending time with special people at Christmas time. I might end up sending New Year’s cards this year. Korey and Dawn (with my help too) did a fantastic job. this was their first year throwing a party for Christmas. I got to set the table, which is what I love to do. We almost had a Battle of the Betty’s over table covers but it all turned out well once they let me do what I wanted 😉 The food was amzing; chicken cordon bleu, an incredible salad by Ann and Dawn’s mashed potatoes. (not one lump found). My beautiful Brit Caroline brought veggie pizza that was delish, Brenda brought the wine and April bought cheese and crackers. The rest of us brought chocolate!!! Brownies, Eclairs and a Fountain, OH MY!

Amanda is too funny with her “address box”. Some people have address books but she has a box full of sticky notes, envelopes, and napkins with people’s adress’! I love that! I finally got my chocolate fountain! It was easy to use and amazing to eat. I was giddy or maybe high on chocolate by the end of the evening. The “fireplace” was lovely and the fellowship delightful. Get a bunch of homeschool moms together and loud laughter is always heard. My favorite part of the evening was doing the dishes and listening as we all shared about our kids and our struggles with parenting and homeschooling. The encouragement that was shared ended the night on a peaceful note. I just love Christmas, and my girlfriends too!


December 15, 2008 - Posted by | G-Force Academy

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  1. It was a nice evening getting to hang out with you!

    Comment by The Ties that Bind Us | December 15, 2008 | Reply

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