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Another Teenager in the House!


My precious Seth turned 13! I can’t believe that my cuddle bug is a teenager. I am so blessed to have him call me mom. He’s my double kisser. He kisses both my cheeks. He is a great friend and always prays for me. The minute I share about feeling sick or tired or sometimes “sick and tired” he puts his hand on me and prays. What makes him even more special is that he follows up later to check and see if more prayer is needed. He has a temper (I have no idea where he gets it ;), he is strong-willed and this makes him passionate about his family, friends and Jesus. He loves to have fun with friends. Even though he has turned 13 his heart remains innocent to the nasty affairs of growing up in this fallen world. I pray he never becomes desensitized to the needs of others. He is my creative hands-on guy. When something needs to be fixed, nailed, or otherwise found a solution for he’s the man! And, did I mention that he is way handsome, freckles and all!
We had a party to honor Seth at a park. The band of merry kids played war games in the woods. The parents had a great time too. The Stillman’s provide much entertainment. They make a great stand up team. Dad grilled hot dogs and we had some great cake. I purchased a yellow cake with whipped topping at Publix. Seth love’s strawberries but you have to special order that. So I bought a bottle of squeezable Smucker’s strawberry jam to spread on top of the servings. It was crazy scrumptious! Just like strawberry shortcake! Try it.


Happy Bithday Sethy! May the Lord bless and keep you, show you favor and always shine His glorious face upon you. I love you! Double smoochies, Mom.


December 15, 2008 - Posted by | G-Force Academy

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