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What a fun week!

We’ve had a fun week together. I’ve had a couple of parties to attend. With all that going on we haven’t had time yet to bake together. However I didn’t let that stop me. I bought a bundt cake and had the kids decorate with Christmas sprinkles. I’m still in decorating mode and got carried away with our kitten Zelda. Zachary blessed us with reading our Jotham’s Journey chapter. What an amazing reader he’s becoming. Our big dog Friday is no longer with us. We found the owner and her name is Linda. She’s lives about five houses down from us. she’s actually escaped twice from her owner to come for a visit. The owner is an older Cuban man. We look forward to getting to know him since Friday, I mean Linda has bought us together. We miss her! Notice how the bottom of our tree has no ornaments on it. Zelda is having a field day with the tree. Looking forward to catching her in the tree for a great picture. Right now my girlfriend, Theresa, is thinking, “You have lost your mind letting the kitten in the tree!!!” But, then she’ll remember that my house is loud with kids running through it all the time. She’ll shake her head with a sigh and still love me. I love you Tree!
I seem to be coming down with a cold right in time for a cold front. I’m off with the kids to Alf’s office family party.
Feliz Navidad!

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December 11, 2008 - Posted by | G-Force Academy

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