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Christmas came early!

Christmas came early this year for the Guerra kids. My loving and dear fiend met me at the hospital when i was in Miami visitng my dad in the hospital. The Lord bought her just in time to catch my tears. It was a bad news moment. And in true Tree (short for Theresa) she came bearing gifts and laughter. She’s my yummy, grumpy, funny twin. She bought me clothes for the kids and Beth Moore’s book, Get out of that Pit with some magazines. As if that wasn’t enough she bpught A.J. a dollhouse her daughter had outgrown with all the furnishings! I love this woman! We went out to lunch and gave me another gift just for me, Goosberry Patch’s Christmas all through the House. I LOVE GOOSBERRY PATCH BOOKS! Thanks Tree for making a stressful time into a joyous one. I can’t believe we forgot to take pictures together. Here are pictures of the kids playing after I got home.

I also had a blast from the past before I left Miami. I met up with Mari, a friend from highschool. We recently reconnected through facebook. I absolutely love this girl! We haven’t seen each other in over15 years. She is such a faithful friend though. We picked up right where we left off. She and Tree encouraged me to come be with my parents for a while. They knew how burdened and torn I was over the decision. It was an awesome visit in spite of the circumstances. I was able to love on my parents. Mari and I been trying to meet up all week and she called me as I sat in my mom’s car crying about my dad. My mom and I had stopped to get a few snacks for the road trip home. She sked me where I was and told me not to leave. Within five minutes she pulled into the parking lot with her mom! I couldn’t help but cry as we embraced after so much time. We lived through all the teenage drama together. Her mom always encouraged me and prayed for me. When her mom stepped out of the car she was holding a tiny kitten. “Hi, is that for me!” and she said I could have her. “what?!” To make a now long story short, they gave me the kitten and I gave it to my son for his birthday. I hid it in my purse and gave it to him to hold and told him “be careful with what’s inside” He took peek, I’m sure expecting to find something made of glass instead he found a living breating stuffed toy. The look on his face was priceless. He took her out and looked at me in disbelief with inquisitive eyes. I simply said “Happy Birthday Seth!” Instantly his big dark eyes welled up in tears and he cried holding the kitten up to his face. “It’s the best present ever! Thank you Mari and Eneida! Oh, we did take a picture together and Mari erased it by mistake. I know we will have more opportunities in the future to take pictures together.

Let the Holiday season begin! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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November 8, 2008 - Posted by | G-Force Academy

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