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Our Beijing Family Olympics 2008

We had an awesome time watching the Olympic 2008 opening ceremonies. I am amazed at the igenuity of all that went on. It was great to be able to learn about the Chinese culture in such an artistic and creative way. We all had ice cream as we watched and waited for the USA delegationto appear. After a pillow fight or two, they finally came. We were screaming and waving our flag. I tooted a loud whistle as the kids shouted USA, USA! The funny thing is I got so excited that I snaped pictures of the t.v as if I were there in the stadium with all the fans. But, when I saw my president and the first lady, I was filled with pride for our country. It’s great to hear the kids shout look mom it’s our President Bush. What a treat it has been to see that he is there honoring the chinese people and supporting our athletes. I’m proud to be an American! the three younger kiddos fell asleep for the lighting of the torch but, we saw it online the next day. Check out our pics so far.



I Am My kids Scribe; their comments below:

“I thought it was cool to see how many people and all the different flags.  The acts were spectacular, especially the opening drummers.” Seth

“As what Seth said, the acts were spectacular! There was this one act where there were these boxes with people in them and they were lifting them up and down making different shapes and my mom thought they were machines doing all that. But, it was people. They showed us that at the end.” Zachary

“Michael Phelps is awesome!” Alexa

“The Chinese have outdone themselves in the opening ceromony. It’s amazing when I witness history watching the olympics. When I’m an adult and show my kids the olympics, they’ll probably be like, ‘What a very fast swimmer! He’s awesome!’ and I’ll tell them, ‘Oh, that’s nothing! You should have seen Michael Phelps!’ and then ‘Who’s Michael Phelps?’ and I’ll just simply say, ‘He’s the one who set those hard-to-beat world records you keep on seeing!” Mikael


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