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March 1st I turned the big 40. I had a wonderful week of celebrations. My heart is overflowing with love and greatfulness. My Wednesday Salt n Light Bible study girls surprised Mary(who also turned 40 that week) and I with a special cake. My sweet friend and study leader, Mary, gave me a pedicure gift card. I can’t wait to get pampered! Alfonso bought me tiara and I wore it all week. My lil” sister Millie gave me a special silver locket shaped like a box. I hold my love her there and in my heart always.


On Friday I woke up before dawn and sleepily walked to the front door to let PeeWee (our dog) out to take care of business. When I opened the door I was startled by a mylar balloon attached to agift bag. WHOOHOO! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I had a huge smile on my face wondering who the culprit was. As I bendt down to searchf or a card in the bag something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. OOH MY STARS! There were about five or six mylars balloons attached toyard signs saying “HAPPY BIRTHDYA AND”BIG 40!” I let out a squeel of joy and laughter as Alf joined my in his unmentionables and a jacket on the porch. Icouldn’t stop laughing. What a surprise. Of course hewas inon it. My dear girlfriend Dawn and her husband created the festive display on our front yard at4 in the morning. who does that! Someone who loves you and I truly felt loved. Thanks Dawn and Mark.

That evening was girls night ot celebration for Mary and I, hosted by my blondie girl ,Korey. We were taken to the Melting Pot. The place was beautiful. Richdark woods and soft lighting withcandles throughout couldn’t be more perfect until “la piece de resistance” a roaring fireplace! I got to sit right next to it. The cheese and chocolate fondues were great but the best part was just being with everyone looking around and seeing God with different dresses on, expressing His love for Mary and I. Korey did a fantastic job! Oh, did I mention she also had balloons decorating the special private room. I LOVE BALLOONS! The party was perfect, the place was perfect and the fun, laughter shared are memories I will carry for a lifetime. I received a lot of presents and cards. All are a great expression of love and kindness that would overwhelm anyone. There were a few ladies that didn’t attend and they got T’peed (homes were toilet papered). I say no more for fear that I might incriminate myself.

On my actual birthday came my family celebration and the house of mouse. My darling husband arranged for usto stay the night and no packing lunch the entire weekend. We first went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We worked a little on our Passporter’s Scavenger Hunt Book and then headed straight to Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster. Alexa got to ride the coaster for the first time.  I had my hand on her leg the entire to reasure her. Truthfully,I needed to reasure myself that she wasn’t gonna fly out of her seat. She loved it! She’s rides all the coasters. My little adventure girl. We got her a special penny to commemorate her first time. It was also ESPN Sports weekend and we had some sports fun too. We had caricatures drawn for us FREE! (Happy Birthday To ME!)  All my relatives called and sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  It’s tradition. From dominican Republic to Venezuela and Miami, I felt the love. We saw the Harlem Globe Trotters too. We visited Disney’s Boardwalk Saturday night. What a great time we all had walking on the boardwalk and enjoying all the entertainers. We were able to see Epcot firworks from there too. Sunday we had humongous breakfast at Golden Corral. Our waiter was from Hialeah, Fl. Were Alf and I met. We had a nice chat with him. Of to Epcot we went. I had the kids  undivided attention as we learned about Mexican Arts. I just love that pavillion. The weather was devine too. We met Mulan and Mushu in China  when we stopped for some culinary school. After a while we decided to head back to the Studios by way of Ferry. It’s located at the In’tl Gateway by England Pavillion. It also takes you to various Disney resorts. That was a treat and nice rest. Once there we rode the thrill rides and caught the Jedi Academy Training. This was way cool! I was given a FREE Turkey leg and Chocolate cake formy birthday! The kids and ALf sang Happy Birthday to me on Sunset Blvd. What a weekend!




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  1. Hey girl,

    I know its a little late but, Happy Birthday!

    How are you feeling, I received a prayer request about your “adventure” should I say to the hospital, I think you are home, so hopefully you are better! 🙂

    Just wanted to say Hi, and tell you I prayed for you!


    Comment by Michelle | May 11, 2008 | Reply

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