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Saturday Fun!

Saturday mornings are our big breakfast or brunch day. We had a blast working together making our arepa and eggs breakfast. Arepas are made with white corn meal and stuffed with cheese. It’s a Colombian treat. My mother in law, Fanett, taught me to make them. After hubby and I sat on the porch to chat a while we came in the front door to discover our living room had been turned into some kind of battle zone. I love the crazy things my kids do and create when they play together. Except when they use talc for snow!

But the most memorable part of the day was going to the drive-in to watch Nat’l Treasure with our dear friends the Provards and Geers. My hubby didn’t want to go because it might rain, but we talked him into it. IT RAINED! We sat under umbrellas, towels and blankets. I’m LOL just thinking about it. Poor Korey got the most soaked because Dawn kept moving the umbrella and all the water dripped onto Korey, being that she was at the edge of the umbrella. The laughter we shared that night will always be remembered by us all.



January 30, 2008 - Posted by | On My Heart

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