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A Hallmark Christmas

As a my friend Tree in Miami  said to me We had a Hallmark Christmas. She is so right. It was the sweetest holiday season filled with family, friends, and fellowship. We are richly blessed! 


My cutie petutie on her way to petite petutie( she’s lost almost 40 #’s! Mary Davis hosted her annual Christmas card party and it was a hit. I actually sent out cards this year with her encouragement and lovely party. The table was gorgeous with dark wicker chargers, and needless to say we were our usual roady selves. Dinner and dessert wre perfect and thejust being able to spend time geting my act together before the Christmas hustle was a true blessing. Mary A. floored me with an invitation to become part of the PPEA homeschool board as the Public Relations Chair!! I prayed about it with Alf and jumped for joy when I was finally approved. I look foward to ministering to our county’s homeschool community in 2008.

We visited Disney and were able to relish in the beautiful holiday decorations. It was Seth (12) and Mikael’s (14) birthday visit.We picked up their birthday buttons at customer service and headed into the park. Before noon they had lost count at about 20 birthday greeting from the cast members. As we strolled down MainStreet a barber shop quartet sag Happy Birthday to them. It was awesome! they chose which parks and rides all day and everyone passed ot in the car within 15 minutes on the ride home.

The boys scouts sold Christmas trees as a fundraiser for a few weeks, Seth wrapped baseball winter league, and Scouts and Karate took their Christmas break the first week of December. the kids had their portraits taken and they came out great. We hadn’t had a professional picture taken since Alexa was 3 months old. they were qui the hams too. Alfonso’s office had their annual family Christams party and the kids ate alot of candy and received Mc’donald’s gift cards. Each dept. decorates witha theme. My husbands office theme was candy cane. they were everywhere; hung form the ceiling wrapped columns they even had a fog machine with peppermint extract on. The lights are all dim except for the glow and twinkle of all the Christmas lights. The winning theme this year was Marvel comics rescue Christmas. They had a short performance for the kids.  My husband waisted no time in touring the offices with his kids. All parents and kids look forward to this day.  

The next day Alexa and I attended a christmas craft party at our girlfriends’ home Korey and daughter Cassidy. they made beautiful and fun ornaments and all the moms got to help and play too. Korey is truly a gracious host and loving mom to all our girls. We are hoping this becomes a tradition. The kids made the artwork for our Christmas cards this year that was great fun. 


The highlight of my Christmas was going away with my honey for our 16th anniversary. Of course we went to Disney! Exactly where we went 16 years ago. My mother stayed with the kids. It was the most amazing and peaceful time. We laughed and walked hand in hand everywhere. We slept in and did what we wanted and ate what we wanted. It was Alf and me alone!!! A cast member at the United States pavillion escorted us to a phone in a vintage type box and it was Mickey and Minnie on the phone singing us a Happy Anniversary song. I tell you I was beaming like a kid. I wish I could go back right now.

When we got back from our “honeymoon” (as the kids call it) Alexa had a formal Christmas tea to attend. It was hosted by Kendra and Angela’s daughters. These young ladies are being trained to minister to the little girls. The table was beautiful and Alexa had a great girlie time. The little girls looked so beautiful. They ate treats and made flower fairies. I came dressed up and so did other moms not realizing they actually wanted us to leave to benefit the hostess’ in training. Oh what a blessing and treat! Mary D, Korey P. and I went to Applebee’s and chatted for almost three hours. I just praise God for the precious godly friends He has given Alexa and I.


I rested for a day and then attended Alfonso’s company Christmas party. I remember the day vividly because it was a “fat issue” day. But I remember it for the kind encouraging words I received not what I wore. It gave me an understanding that the Lord has already clothed me more beautiful than any flower in any meadow. The accesories he adorns me with are priceless and won’t tarnish. He has given this verse to me through my dear friend Ines Hourani in Miami. 


I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God.
For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.” Isaiah 61:10 (NIV)

The 4th Annual Home grown Kids Cookie Exchange! There is a nervous excitement that brews in my heart over this event. My dear and sweet friends Dawn Geers and Mary Davis put this on. They are both so encouraging and supportive within the local homeschool community. As a matter of fact Dawn has joined the board as the new treasurer for 2008. I am so excited to be a newbie with my trusted friend. she is known though as the “cookie Nazi!”. She checks her list twice, you gotta make the right amount and size of only cookies. No bars, or popcorn balls allowed. She has softened litle and we kid her about it every year. This is where the nervous comes in. Choosing and baking with the kids is the fun part. And finally getting there and seeing all the cookies and treats made for us is very exciting indeed. It makes it all worth it to spend an afternon of fellowship and ring home cookies to boot. Hope you get an opportunity one day to participate in an exchange.

Now this we were in the final stretch. the King family hosted their annual Christmas party for the Boy Scouts. There was a big fire, warm yummy chili and a game of white elephant for the kids. It was a relaxing time.

The long awaited day for our family is Our Annual Christams Open House. We had tons of friends over, the kids roasted marshmallows and made smores. I made a traditional hispanic Christamas Eve meal; Rice, black beans, and roasted pork with sweet plantains. It was a hit. I was sweating bullets but that it would turn out good being it was my first time making it. Our friends the Busbee’s not only bought their guitar they also bought Mr. Cunningham from our church’s Children Music ministry. He is a wiz on that guitar. He and Barry played as we caroled through our neighborhood.. I hadn’t been caroling in years and it was a delight. Those that came to the door were so grateful. We look forward to next years party.


Christmas Eve was peaceful and relaxing. Of course I also had no energy left after all. Christmas Day at 2 am the kids awoke to open their stockings. We provide little trinkets in their stockings for daylight morning so Alf and I could sleep a little more, yet every year they wake up earlier and earlier. In a few years we will be doing stocking Christmas Eve at this rate.the kids enjoyed their presents and played all week. Alexa got her baby doll bath tub doll clothes and Narnia’s Lucy dagger, vial, and cape (this tuend out to be her favorite gift). Mikael received Heroscape boardgame and a nerf gun. We gave Seth a nerf gun and Nintendo DS’ Drawn to Life. Zachary received Cosmic Catch by Nerf and a shiny new bike! The kids were so happy and we are so grateful to the Lord for providing for these gifts.

The day after Christmas I went after Christmas sale shopping. It was a hoot! We all bought our treat bags for next years Cookie Exchange, and special ornaments. We ate a Ruby Tuesdays at the mall. You know you’ve found good friends when there is never enough time. My darling husband watched 8 kids all day for us. I love that man with a passion!

My Christmas gift from the Lord ad my kids was their school evaluation. Vicky Bueller is an awesome evaluator and she gets me. They all progressed and in some areas 2- 4 years. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD, MIGHTY AND ABLE!!!!  I was in tears with a heart bursting with joy and gratitude. That moment set in motion a vision for my family that has never been more clear. It has given me the confidence to perservere and attempt crazy things like losing weight and taking dance lessons with my husband. Oh Lord thank you for giving me this life full of abundant grace and joy.


We closed out the year with good friends at the Ruskin Drive-In. Yes, they still exist in some places. We all caravaned there. The kids sat on blankets with goodies and during intermission we all shared brownies and hot cocoa. We had a great time together. The stars in the sky were amazing. We saw Enchanted and Alvin and the Chipmunks. I loved Enchanted. It reminded me that our fairy tale dreams are like heaven and we can live here with our hearts belonging to our King in heaven living our lives as Princes and Princess’ singing songs of worship for Him.

I praise you Almighty God for the trials and joys of 2007 and trust you  for 2008!

Happy New Year!


January 3, 2008 - Posted by | Holidays

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  1. Monica! I loved your wonderful post! Wow, girl! You had a very full December! Your love for your Lord, your husband and family and for life is so evident in your writing. You are an encouragement to me.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family!

    Comment by Christa | January 3, 2008 | Reply

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