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Curriculum 2007/08 School Year

I love doing unit studies with my kids but they are time consuming for the teacher. I have been feeling very streched lately with the wide range of ages I have, making sure the younger set gets going and the older two are academically challenged. I didn’t want to give up the unit studies and prayed for God’s leading in our curriculum choices. I asked for a special word that I would know it was God speaking to me.  Of course He did. He is faithful.  At the homeschool convention this spring I had a encouraging chats with Valerie Bendt (Creating Books With Children) and Jessica Hulcy (Konos). I also got a great big “everything’s gonna be alright, momma” hug from Jessica. The Lord spoke to me through every seminar I sat in.

I attended:

Education Reserved for Princes & Nobility (Hulcy) 

Global Explorations: Geography Across the Curriculum (Mullins) 

 Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe (Wilson) 

Notebooking: Creativity with a Purpose (Fulbright) 

Lapbooking: Rock Solid Inc.)

As only God can do He put the exact words into Jessica Hulcy and Todd Wilson’s mouths. And might I add they were looking right at me too! “You are not responsible for the sum of your children’s lives” Huh?! What do you mean? Huh?! Ummm. OH I GET IT! It’s not all on me or the right curriculum, or unit studies vs workbooks. It’s the Lord who has the master plan. He sees our lives past present and future. Peace washed over me.  I walked into the exhibit hall with confidence and excitement. I discovered notebooking and lapbooking and have purchased a few books (I will highlight them at later post) to help me incorporate this inot our studies. We also purchased online a great reading curriculum Teach Your children to Read Well by Mikael Maloney.  I hope and pray that this school year will bring glory and honor to God, as our family learns together.  May you encouraged by our homeschool adventures in learning.


Here is my precious little girl excited to be an official kindergartener! Enjoying her new Math U See curriculum.






 This is my number one pick this year. It is an answer to prayer!  It consists of a teacher manual which is scripted for the teacher a student reader and workbook. The fluency checks provide instant assurance that student is progressing, kids love it, and are challenged to improve their own scores. The reader stories aren’t twaddle either. My son, Seth, who hated reading now goes to our science shelf and looks up narwhal whales and READS about them on his own. I just want to cry. It helps all learning styles and learning difficulties. Please see website for reviews and a placement test and other goodies. Check out Quick Write under the freebies category at his website. this has been a great help to my oldest.  Michael Maloney speaks every friday at http://www.homeschoolingradio.com/ a free online weekly homeschool radio program. These programs have been of encouragement for me and is where I first heard of Teach Your Child To Read Well.  Check out their archives for Maloney’s previous segments and other homeschool leaders talks. You may also wish to sign up for his weekly email newsletter that provides support resources for the weekly one minute lesson. I hope the FPEA Conference invites him next year.


 Trail Guide to World GeographyUltimate Geography And Timeline GuideUncle Josh's Outline Map Book

Rand McNally Schoolhouse Beginner's World AtlasRand McNally Schoolhouse Intermediate World AtlasHands-On Geography: Easy and Fun Activities for Exploring God's World

The Geography Resource for Students (Rand McNally)

Vacation Education Destination Epcot is a book written by Corinne Johnson, a Christian homeschool mom of 5. I have been planning my geography unit study around Epcots World Showcase and in my many google searches stumbled upon this. It confirmed alot of my ideas, my love for Disney and homeschooling and I get to support another Christian homeschool family. The book is chock full of background information, notebook page, recipes, activities and crafts. I’ve only read up on three countries and already I reccomend it. Soon I will post about our “travels around the world. Visit Corinne’s website to learn more. http://vacationeducationbooks.com/index.html



Time Travelers Series NEW World Explorers Cd (Time Travelers History Study Series)



Exploring Creation With Astronomy (Young Explorers)






Math U See Gamma Multipliation Teach Manual and DVD (Gamma, Teacher Manual and DVD)


We use Math U See with all our children. It’s easy to use and not only do the kids get it but their numerically challenged mom does too.


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